Tips + Tricks for 2nd day hair


I’m so glad I found a dry shampoo that works for me I had to share with you all! I have long and thick hair, soo washing it every day is not convenient or ideal for me. But its also not good to wash ones hair every day because it strips away the natural oils and your scalp will over produce oils to protect the hair resulting in a greasy scalp soon after.
I wash my hair every 3 days, that might sound gross to some of you but if I wash my hair every day it becomes a dry mess. When I first wash my hair I flat iron it, then with the second day I use this dry shampoo. It has a soft smell of coconuts and it doesnt leave a white cast on my dark roots! When my hair isn’t pin straight anymore I grab my curling wand and curl the ends, which is perfect because by the 3rd day I could either do a ponytail, half ponytail or even a braid – which is perfect if you have long hair because it adds a lot of volume to it!

PS. What are some of your favorite styling tools for straight hair? I’m in need of a new straightener!

Top || Vest ( Similar) || Jeans || Shoes (Similar) || Bag ( similar)

xo, Andrea

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