5 things I learned being 22 years old

22 years isn’t old by any means, but definitely an age where you learn so many things about yourself and go through many life experiences for the first time, like moving out on your own or getting your first big girl job.
This past Tuesday was my 23rd birthday and I thought it would be a great time to reflect on this past year and let you know what exactly stuck out to me as learning experiences. So here are the top 5 things I learned in my year of being 22 years old.

1. Dont let your pride ruin it

What I mean by “it” is the situation. Whether it be a type of relationship, job, decision, or yourself. Having too much pride can actually hold you back or even make the situation worst. My fault is having too much pride to ask for help. I have been raised to be very responsible and when something goes wrong I try my absolute best to fix it myself, even if that means being so frustrated to the point I have a breakdown. After moving out and being independent there are so many twists and turns life can take you on, I just felt like I had to figure it out all on my own. I have an amazing family and boyfriend that are behind me, supporting me. I shouldn’t feel, neither do you, like I have all the right answers.

2. Relationships go sour – Any of them can, and Yes that sucks.
As I grow older I start to see that many people, even the one closet to me, have different goals, responsibilities, and hobbies. It is so difficult to stay in touch with people and the ones you are in touch with, you try and hold them close. As I grow older it seems like the circle of friends that was once so big, shrunk to a small knit group. Which isn’t necessarily bad, because you find out who is truly there for you, but it doesn’t take the sting away from losing someone you once had close to you. Once I started my full time job and moved out, I started to act more responsible, that’s when I noticed I’ve started developing different hobbies and interests than others. In the beginning, it would really make me sad, seeing how many people I lost connection with but in the end, we grow to better ourselves and if that means letting go of those who hold you back or those that have different goals than you, you are making room for other people that match your hobbies and interests. Life is to short to cling to people that aren’t there for you.

3. Don’t be scared
Starting something new can be really scary. Wearing something out of your comfort zone, eating something different from the menu, going to the gym by yourself. Do it. Have enough confidence in yourself to push and do something new. There have been so many different situations where I didn’t want to do something new in fear of looking dumb and embarrassing myself, but now I wish I could’ve taken that chance and realized it was an opportunity to laugh at myself and have fun. In our 20’s we are supposed to be daring, but instead, I feel as if we hold our selves back by caring what others think of us and that isn’t fair to us. We are only in our 20’s once and it’s important that we live it to the fullest. Even if that means traveling to a new country or eating a totally different type of cuisine.

4. Work out. Work out. Work Out
I love the feeling of a good workout, I even love being sore! ( Shows I actually did something right haha) But there are so many benefits to working out and the most important one is to be healthy. I have met an 80-year-old woman, one of the nicest people I could’ve encountered, and she was bursting with energy! Like, I mean bursting. She was helping stage an apartment for a showing. ( moving things around the apartment to make it visually appealing to clients) It was amazing seeing this woman move and have an amazing mind for creativity, and she didn’t even get tired after staging for 3 hours! I asked her, what her secret was and she told me eating healthy and always moving. I want to get to her age and have that type of life, where I can do things on my own. I want to grow up to be a lovely old woman, that still enjoys a night out in the city with a glass of wine after shopping for hours.

5. Think about your future self
Where do you wanna be in 5 years or 10 years? It is such a hard question, and a question many of us try and avoid, but time goes by fast, and I mean FAST. I graduated college in December 2016 and I can’t believe its already been 2 years and I am still not in the place I feel comfortable in ( career-wise). Make a plan, write it down, then think of the steps you have to take to accomplish to get closer and closer to your goal. And if that means going through a “rough patch” and dealing with a manager or job you do not like but in the end will help get to your goal, we have to deal with it. Take it as an opportunity to learn from that position and do our best. Always look back at these goals, don’t forget them. Do something, doesn’t matter how small, everyday to reach that goal.

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