Beauty Routine: The stuff you need now



Always wash your face, everyone knows that. But here are some of the products I use to get my face squeaky clean.

When I do a full face of makeup with foundation, bronzer and everything else I always use a makeup remover first. I absolutely love using Simple Micellar Water to remove most the makeup before cleansing my face. I use is the Garnier Gentle cleanser, I personally don’t spend too much on a cleanser, I have tried high-end cleansers like Origins, Lancome, and Estee Lauder and they work pretty similar to the drugstore cleaners that I have tried, so I spend more money on my toners and moisturizers. But what I noticed that makes a big difference in my skincare routine is the step after the cleanser, my toner. A toner removes the excess dirt and oil that is left over. I use a kinda expensive toner, but in my defense, it works and works so freakin good. I use the Chanel Lotion Purete and you won’t believe how the cotton pad looks even after you cleanse your skin. I apply this toner only when I do a full face of makeup to fully get all that gunk out from my pores. I have been using this toner for years and haven’t switched since its my tried and true.
Heres a good tip my mother gave me, when drying your face, always pat dry. Never tug at your skin because that can stretch the skin and cause wrinkles. You can also pat your moisturizer on instead of rubbing.


For different reasons, I use different moisturizers. For this winter I have been using all Origins products and argon oil. For my eye cream, I use the Kiehl’s eye recovery, which is AMAZING! If you have dark circles that seem to never go away, use this and you can see the difference once you use it religiously. For the night time, I use the Origins Night-A-Mins which is SO great it hydrates my skin during the midwest winters. In the morning I currently been using the Origins Ginzing which is my favorite during the summer but does just fine during the winter with a couple of drops of argan oil. If you have a moisturizer that you really like but it doesn’t do the job during the winter just add a drop or two of argan oil and that will do the trick!

What are your favorite skincare items? I love trying out new things!

xo, Andrea Jude

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