DIY Gift Wrapping

This year I decided to get into the spirit of the Holidays and get creative with my gifts. I found a really affordable way to DIY your presents while putting your own creative twist on it. Being more creative with the way you wrap your Christmas presents not only makes the bottom of your Christmas tree pretty but it allows you to be more thoughtful and unique with each present you give. So here are a couple of examples of how I decided to decorate my gifts for others.

I bought all of these supplies at the dollar store with a few exceptions, like the small stickers and “Merry Christmas” tags at the dollar section at Target. This is a very affordable method of gift wrapping, especially if some of you are an artist and can draw on the paper! Another option, if you have a Polaroid camera you can put a picture on the wrapping! I have another post about Holidays in Chicago! Click here and possibly find your gift for your loved one!