Why I don’t Believe in New Years Resolutions

I love the idea of a new year and a fresh start, whether it be to go healthy, or to start running. When a goal is labeled a New Years Resolution, I almost feel like there is a stigma making it okay to abandon those resolutions. To say “Oh, I’ll get it right next year.” I’ve seen memes going around, which I’m sure you’ve seen too, making fun of New Years Resolutions starting late. What I believe works better instead of New Years Resolutions, is to self-improve. We all have a better chance of improving the skills we already have instead of diving into something completely new. So instead of switching my workout completely, I’ll incorporate running one day for about 20 minutes and then increase the time each week. Its easier to incorporate small changes into your routine than starting something so different. By doing this you’ll decrease your chances of giving up that new activity and start making it a routine. So here are my Self-Improvement Goals.

1. To travel to international again, to a new place.
This past year I traveled to Denver and Guatemala. Each trip was so unique and fun and it just encouraged me to keep traveling to places I’ve never been before. I love the feeling of experiencing something so completely new, traveling is something I want to continue doing for as long as I can.

2. Start incorporating more vegetarian meals into my week
This past 2017 I was vegetarian for 3 months, I kinda got tripped up because I went to Guatemala where the all main courses included meat. So I bounced back to eating meat, but not as often I used to when I wasn’t vegetarian. What I can tell you about being vegetarian is, it feels great. Any indigestion or bloating you have, is gone. It is the “skinniest” I ever felt. I wasn’t having any stomach aches and there was no bloating, it honestly felt great. So now, even though I haven’t gone full vegetarian again, I want to discover more yummy vegetarian recipes and become a more skilled cook than what I am now. That way I can become a vegetarian and stick to it with a bigger menu to choose from. BTW if any of you have any great recipes, I would love for you all to share!

3. Start doing yoga at home as one of my workouts
I have done yoga in the past and I absolutely love it, but I just feel like my body goes through more noticeable changes by going to the gym and lifting weights. I want to change my way of thinking about my workouts, to not only help the outside but also help me mentally. Yoga is proven to help relieve stress and sharpen attention and concentration. I need to start thinking about my workout to better myself all around, to help grow stronger but also keep check of the daily stresses of life and work.

What is something you’d like to improve about yourself?

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