Relaxing Rituals

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I will be starting this new segment called Relaxing Rituals on my blog. The world can be so overwhelming and sometimes we just need a minute to ourselves to recuperate. each Relaxing Ritual will be over different relaxation techniques and this week I’ll start with 3.

1. Nintendo Switch

As we all know it life can be very difficult, messy, and confusing. Sometimes we just need a mental break from the world and 3 easy ways I practice to help get my mind off reality, the first one and is playing video games. I never thought I would say this, because I am a very girlie girl who did not touch a game console, with the exception of the Nintendo 64 playing Mario games. I grew up playing Mario games with the neighbor that lived in the unit above me. So when my boyfriend bought himself the Nintendo Switch along with Mario cart and Mario Odessey I became obsessed. Mario Cart is the best to play with a group of people, I played it with my boyfriend and his family during Christmas and it was a great way to get everyone together and have fun. Mario Odessey is more of a one-player game with multiple worlds, it’s so easy to get sucked into the game for hours. You’re so focused on getting passed each game and getting as many coins or moons as possible.

nintendo switch

2. Reading

Reading is an easy no-brainer way to get your mind off of things, but I have one book in particular that will be interesting and funny. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari talks about the dating life in the era before the internet and now, how much more difficult we have it as millennials and how different it was for our grandparents. Ansari talks about interviewing senior citizens and finding out that their spouse was no more than a block away, and how it was an escape from their strict parents’ homes, which in reality still didn’t work in their favor, but I’ll let you find out why that is when you read the book. This book will keep you turning its pages because it has aspects of not only humor but sociology too.

aziz ansari

3. Put on your favorite face masks & Grab some tea

I recently got Trader Joes Tea Party kit for Christmas and I love it! It’s loose leaf tea that comes in 6 different flavors and once you’ve finished your favorite kind you can go and buy the full sized tin. While the tea is heating up, I’ll go and apply my favorite face mask. The Fresh Rose Hydrating mask does wonders to the dry skin, it is my go to during the winter months. I’ll put on my mask, grab my tea and turn on Scandal ( I. Am. Hooked.)
trader joes tea

XO, Andrea Jude

PS. The long hoodie is very limited in sizes so I just included similar ones.

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